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Dolma kalem

About Us

Success is not an act to be won by chance and we worked hard to achieve it... Mert AYHAN

In this adventure that we started as two young friends, we continue on our way as a big team and a fully equipped Marketing Agency that provides services from A to Z. At this point, our goal is to ensure that our passionate thinkers and creative team work closely with each brand to produce unique, creative strategies that yield effective results. As the Picear team, we work with companies of all sizes and help each company find its own unique message. Our reason for existence is to provide quality creative communication service, which is essential for brands to stay ahead of the competition, and we work non-stop until we reach this goal. Picear company, which is a digital advertising agency, is a prestigious organization that entered the digital world sector in 2019 and made a name for itself by rising rapidly in the sector. It is a new generation agency that positions your brand both in the real world and in the digital world, provides online and offline interactive experiences to your customers, targets your brand perception and customer loyalty, and has caught the digital age. We bring your brand closer to its goal, create integrated experiences and produce content.
Let's not forget that if the work done is more valuable than the fee received, the abstract concept called quality emerges.

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